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The six month smile system is a pioneering treatment available at Leicester Braces Clinic that uses state of the art technology to produce a beautifully straight smile in just 6 months. Treatment time is considerably shorter than other types of braces, including Invisalign braces and traditional fixed braces, which usually take between 12 and 36 months, and is therefore a popular choice here at Leicester Braces Clinic. The six month smile treatment was pioneered in America by Dr Ryan Swain and has recently come over to the UK.

How much does the six month smile treatment cost?

You could be forgiven for thinking that this brand new, high-tech treatment would cost the earth; however, it's actually significantly cheaper than other types of teeth straightening treatments.

six month smiles braces
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Before 6 Month Smiles Treatment
After 6 Month Smiles Treatment
crooked teeth six month smiles six month smiles braces
Before 6 Month Smiles Treatment
After 6 Month Smiles Treatment

Case description:

This pleasant young man was unhappy about the crowding on the top front teeth. He decided to have 6 month braces treatment. The treatment time was only 5 months and the patient was ecstatic about the result!

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Are 6 month braces and 6 month orthodontics the same as the 6 month smile treatment?

6 month smiles is the original name of the treatment, as suggested by Dr Swain; however, as the treatment has spread to other parts of the world, it has become known by many other terms, including:

  • 6 month orthodontics or 6 month 'ortho'
  • Six month orthodontics or six month 'ortho'
  • 6 month braces
  • six month braces
  • Short-term orthodontics

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