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Unlike traditional metallic "train track" braces, Clearstep is an innovative and discreet way of helping the patient to achieve the straight smile they have always wanted. Clearstep technology uses a series of clear aligners, which are able to help patients with a number of tooth abnormalities including overcrowded, crooked and gapped teeth. Allowing these conditions to fester will only add to self-doubt and problems with confidence, whilst using this advanced treatment and dealing with the issues can have a marked effect on your life.

How are Clearstep braces different to traditional braces?

  1. Clearstep braces are 'invisible' due to the clear aligners
  2. They can be taken out when the patient eats or drinks. Once metallic braces have become attached to the teeth, they cannot be removed until the treatment period is over
  3. Clearstep braces can be cleaned throughout the course of treatment, whilst traditional braces need to be cleaned when remaining in the mouth

What to do if you decide to have Clearstep braces?

The first step is to make an appointment with a dental professional that can provide Clearstep braces. They will initially work to find out if Clearstep braces are suitable for you. This decision is based on what will be the best possible course of treatment for you and your dental health. If you are found to be a suitable candidate then clear aligners will be custom-made according to the structure of your mouth. The dentist will be happy to discuss alternative options if you are unsuitable for Clearstep braces.

How does Clearstep work?

Clearstep is comprised of a series of clear aligners that gradually move teeth into the desired alignment. Bespoke made for each patient the aligners will gradually move treatment along until a straight smile is achieved.

Is the treatment painful?

Unlike metallic braces there is no tightening every couple of weeks when using Clearstep. You can however expect to feel minor discomfort when you change to a new aligner for a few days.

Will my speech be affected?

You can expect any adverse effects on your speech to alleviate within a week.

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