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The Damon Braces system is a modern, innovative treatment that uses state of the art technology to straighten teeth. Damon braces are made up of special wires, which include a mechanism that holds the wires in place, and eradicates the need for uncomfortable elastic bands. The wires used in Damon braces are finer than a traditional brace, which prevents friction and significant force from being placed on the teeth; this prevents pain and makes the braces much more comfortable.

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Damon braces are suitable for a wide range of people, from teenagers to adults. Our dental team here at Leicester Braces Clinic will be able to discuss whether this orthodontic treatment is the best choice for you. The system has been specially designed to enhance the physical appearance of the smile, as well as improving the patient's orthodontic health.

How is the Damon braces system different?

Damon braces have a huge range of benefits compared to traditional braces; these include:

  1. Fewer appointments: patients with Damon braces require fewer appointments during the treatment because there are no elastic bands; patients with traditional braces often have to have the elastic bands tightened, which can be very painful.
  2. Greater comfort: because the braces are finer and there is no need for elastic bands, the Damon brace is much more comfortable than other types of brace.
  3. Fewer extractions: patients with Damon braces do not have to go through painful extraction procedures like those that have traditional braces.

What happens at the first consultation?

During your initial consultation at Leicester Braces Clinic the dentist will check that you are a suitable candidate for Damon braces. If you are confirmed as a candidate for Damon braces, the dentist will make models and take x-rays of your mouth and discuss the treatment further.

Are Damon braces expensive?

Prices start from £2500 depending on the level of difficulty. We also offer finance plans to spread the costs into monthly manageable payments from 1 to 5 years.

How often will I need to visit the dentist?

Once you have had the braces fitted, you will be required to see your dentist every 8-12 weeks; during these follow-up appointments, the dentist will check your progress and make sure the braces still fit properly.

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