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Lingual braces are the perfect solution for people that want a beautiful straight set of teeth without anyone knowing they are wearing a brace, and are readily available here at Leicester Braces Clinic. Lingual braces differ to other braces because they are fitted onto the back of the teeth, rather than the front; this means they are completely invisible. Lingual braces can be used in tandem with the 6 month smiles treatment so patients can achieve the smile they've always dreamed of in just 6 short months.

Can all dentists offer lingual braces?

Dentists require special training if they want to offer lingual braces and currently, very few dentists in the UK have this expertise. Our highly qualified dentists here at Leicester Braces Clinic have received special training and are amongst the small number of UK dentists that are able to offer this innovative service.

Can braces be fitted to both top and bottom teeth?

Lingual braces can be fitted to both sets of teeth but many patients choose to have them fitted only to the top teeth, as the bottom teeth are not clearly visible when they smile.

Are lingual braces more expensive than other braces?

Lingual braces are more expensive than other types of brace as they require dentists to have special training to fit them.

What are the benefits of lingual 6 month braces?

There are 2 major benefits of lingual 6 month braces: these are:

  1. Invisibility: lingual braces are invisible and nobody else will be able to see them
  2. Short treatment time: the patients smile can be completely transformed in just 6 short months

Does the treatment hurt?

The braces may take a while to get used to and at first the tongue may feel slightly sore. Initially, the patient may develop a lisp when they speak, but this should subside quickly.

Is the treatment as effective as other braces?

Results have shown that this treatment produces incredible, straight smiles!

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