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For some, the prospect of wearing braces is enough to avoid undergoing teeth straightening treatment. However, STb braces consist of brackets that fit on the back of teeth and provide an ideal solution for straightening teeth and avoiding the issue of having metal brackets interrupting a smile.

What are STb braces?

STb braces are an orthodontic system utilising brackets and wires. The unique features of STb braces are:

  • The brackets are small and rounded, affixed to the flat part of the back of the tooth
  • They are unseen when smiling (because they are fixed to the back of the teeth)
  • The brackets are self-ligating which means they will move gradually, smoothly and comfortably.
  • Because they are fixed 24/7 and self-ligating, the treatment timescale is, on average, shorter than traditional metal braces.

Who is a suitable candidate for STb braces?

STb braces are ideal for treating mild to moderate issues in the front top and lower teeth. Such conditions they may be effective in treating are:

  • Moving teeth together to cover a gap
  • Separating teeth that overlap
  • Correcting malocclusion (misalignment between top and bottom set of teeth)
  • Straightening twisted teeth.

What steps do I need to take to get STb braces?

Only dentists trained in placing STb braces are qualified to treat individuals with these braces. The steps needed to get STb braces are:

  • Arrange a consultation with an orthodontist trained to place STb braces
  • Discuss current and desired position of teeth
  • Be assessed for eligibility of braces – dentist will inspect teeth position, health of gums, bone quality and overall oral health.
  • Whether or not STb braces are the correct treatment choice will be discussed. If successful, impressions of teeth are made.
  • After the brackets are made. The brackets are placed and wires entwined. Regular appointments are required to adjust the brace.

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